Emailed Birthday Wishes in lieu of signing a circulated card.

Grand Superintendent & Provincial Grand Master
Dear George
With very many best wishes on your 90th birthday. No doubt you will be smiling, and I hope your happy smiley face will continue to cheer us all up for many years to come

Kind regards
James Hilditch

Most Excellent Deputy Grand Superintendent

”Young” George I am sorry that I am unable to be with you at the Round Table Lodge meeting where I am told there are a few surprises for you to mark your 90th birthday. I could not let the occasion pass without documenting and sending my appreciation to you for the number of years you have been a member of our order and for the input you give, and commitment you show. You represent everything that our institution promotes and are a great example to the newer members, many of whom know of you, even if it is only by your reputation! On completely personal grounds I would like to thank you for your company over the years and say that without exception I enjoy every one of our meetings and hope that there are many more to come. Enjoy your birthday, and I wish you good health to enable you to have many more. Stay safe in these unusual times and I look forward to our next merry meeting.

Kind regards, Sincerely and fraternally Les L. C. Steward PGSwdB Deputy Grand Superintendent Oxfordshire

Worshipful Master Round Table Lodge of Oxfordshire
Just to say, that all the members of Round Table Lodge of Oxfordshire No. 9509, really appreciate what you have done for us over the past years, and are proud to have you as a full subscribing member. George, have a very happy 90th birthday, it is a shame that we all couldn’t be together at a meeting to celebrate it with you. We all wish you well and look forward to being with you soon. Have a wonderful day. Yours Bill Winter

Most Excellent Zerubbabel Round Table Chapter of Oxfordshire

Dear George It has been an honour and privilege to have met you and have practiced Masonary alongside you for some circa 15 years now. Such service cannot be justified with words alone, but unfortunately the world as it is has forced me down this route. May I wish you a Happy and Enjoyable Birthday and I look forward to seeing you again in person to pass on my regards in person. S&F Best Wishes Alex Macdonald


To George,Between the two of us, we’ve bounced around some’ roughers’ over the years, and enjoyed a few sherries in the China Feet Club, followed by a quiet, educational stroll through the Wan Chai in the evenings before returning on board to do our dhobying, stone cold sober of course! We were a good deal younger in those days though,nowadays its more likely to be off to bed with a cup of kai. Enjoy the day and I hope we’ll all be able to get together soon. Very best wishes to you from the ‘Stokers’ mess. Bob.

A very happy 90th birthday, George, wish I was there to say it to you personally. I shall always remember your smiling face — and it was good to see you at Henley a couple of times in recent years. Have a memorable time. All the best. John Luker

Congratulations George. That’s a Bull plus a double top! May you have many more. Richard Owen

Best wishes on your 90th Birthday to a perfect gentleman who has served his country with pride and my Lodge courtesy, kindness and humour. Long may you enjoy your life.
All the best
Derek Knowlden

I hope that you and the members of RTL Oxford and families are all well in these strange times. Stuart Derrington forwarded me your email below re George Strachan. It is always a pleasure to see George at your meetings. A very happy 90th birthday and best wishes to him. I am sure it will be a memorable day for him. Sorry I cannot join you on 21st September as I shall be at a family wedding in Penzance! Fraternal regards to you and all members Jack J H Maunders LGR PPJGO(Surrey) Past Master and ex-member of Table Fellowship Lodge 8989 PZ and ex-member of Table Fellowship Chapter 8989

Dear George,
Many happy returns!
I do hope that you have a wonderful birthday.
Try and find some time to put on a Jimmy Shand record and
look at some lovely pictures of Helensburgh!
All good wishes
lan Elkington

Hello George,
Have a wonderful Birthday!
Enjoy the cake, I hope to see you again soon. Best wishes,
Jon Allen

Many congratulations on reaching such a young milestone!
I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humour, wit and sense of fun.
Long may it continue!
Have a very happy and safe birthday.
With kind regards
Karl Gorner

Wishing you a very happy Birthday George and many more years to come.
Mark Nolan & Olga x

Dear George,
A Very Happy 90th Birthday to you!
It has been an honour to know you over the past few years, and to hear your many stories from your illustrious past.
I hope you have a lovely birthday and you have many good wishes and greetings from the many friends and relatives you must have. It is such a shame that under all the current restrictions we are all unable to help you celebrate!
My very good wishes and ‘keep safe” Yours sincerely & fraternally
Martin Green

Happy 90th birthday George.
I hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you again
in the Lodge and Chapter. Best Wishes
Nathan Varndell

Many Congratulations on your 90th Birthday
I hope you have a really great day.
Robin Barter

Dear George,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and huge Congratulations on this ninetieth milestone!
I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends or family and have a chance to celebrate an amazing 90 years. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Take care and stay safe!
Rory Gear

Dear George, Here’s wishing you a very happy 90th birthday. I hope you have an enjoyable and memorable day. With very best wishes, David W.Bro. David F. Charlton, JP, PrJGW

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear George Happy Birthday to you You will have to add your own music George. Many Happy Returns from your Car Share Buddy Mark Baker

Well George you certainly picked a fine time to sail through a Ninetieth Birthday! Have a good one and from a half full whiskey glass point of view you can I am sure look forward to another celebration when it is safe for us all to meet again. W Bro. Stephen L Bentall, PPrJGD

Dear George I wish you a very pleasant birthday. You have done so much good in your life and it has been my honor to know you. From the day I joined the lodge up to now, you were always there to support and teach me, and of course adjust my tie! Best Wishes and Stay safe Masood

Happy Birthday George. Sorry I can’t greet you in person, but have a great day. With best wishes, David Wallis

Happy 90th Birthday George With our very best wishes on your 90th birthday. Have an amazing day Love from all at R & D Catering
Richard, Sher, Yvonne

I can remember you telling me, at one of my first Provincial Chapter Annual Convocations, to go and tell the Provincial DC that he had set the candles out wrongly. I didn’t know what to do, being new on the executive and in awe of everyone, and frightened not to do what you told me but I finally plucked up the courage to tell the DC. His response was “Well if George says so you’d better do it he is always right”
Your eye for detail as Tyler or Janitor is only surpassed by your generosity and humour.
You are an asset to our Lodge and Chapter.
Best Regards ever
Tom Byrne

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