Walking the Thames for the Provincial Festival

Brethren and Supporters,

I shall be walking the Thames Path from Oxford to United Grand Lodge in London over 6 days at the end of April and this time I’d like you to join me.

I’ve included six walks, where you can join me in my quest to walk the 120 miles along the Thames Path, all of which are serviced by Public Transport.

So you can support my adventure in two ways, come and join me or just sponsor me, it’s all for the Provincial Festival 2022.

The stages are:
Day 1 Tuesday 23rd April Oxford to Wallingford 23 miles
Inclusion of Oxford to Abingdon, 10 miles and serviced by bus for the return and Abingdon to Wallingford, 13 miles likewise by bus or train.

Day 2 Wednesday 24th April Wallingford to Caversham 17 miles
Inclusion of Goring to Caversham, 11 miles serviced by the train both ways.

Day 3 Thursday 25th April Caversham to Maidenhead 25 miles
Inclusion of Caversham to Henley, 9 miles and serviced by bus, Henley to Marlow, 8.5 miles likewise by bus

Day 4 Friday 26th April Maidenhead to Shepperton Lock 20 miles

I shall be running on Friday and Saturday as part of my Marathon training plan, all runners are welcome.

Day 5 Saturday 27th April Shepperton Lock to Putney 25 miles

More running through London.

Day 6 Sunday 28th April Putney to Grand Lodge 10 miles
Inclusion of a walk from Westminster to Covent Garden 2 miles to finish for photos.

Please contact me on paleblueone@yahoo.co.uk or text/phone me on 07929 669358 for details of each sponsored stage.

I attach the Sponsor form and here is the link to our fundraising page, the target is now £4,044, that twice £2,022 as this is the second time I’ve attempted this challenge.


This is the first of a number of challenges I have set myself for 2019, including the MK Marathon, the Loch Ness Marathon, the Oxford Half Marathon and Cycling around the Province for the Festival.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Ewan Gordon
WM & Charity Steward
Jersey Lodge 2334
Charity Steward
Theodore Lodge 8943
07929 669358