Weyland Hall Update

Brethren and Supporters,

Thank you for your support for the Weyland Hall and your participation in the 200 Club.

We are currently behind our target of shares sold in the Club, I had informed the Board that the target would be 150 shares sold by Christmas 2019 and 200 sold by Christmas 2020. With 127 shares sold at present, we need to get another 23 shares signed up in the next few months. Here are the facts.

  • Each share costs £5 per month or £60 per annum.
  • The monthly prizes are £120, £60 and £20.
  • The Christmas prizes are £720, £360 and £120.


With 127 shares sold the Social Club has an automatic income of £4,020, We are making great progress into getting the Hall’s mortgage repaid.

  • The proportion of the income paid out in prizes is currently 52.8%.
  • All Members, your partners and members of your family can be members of the 200 Club, so you have to be in it to win it. Under the Rules and Regulations of the Gaming Commission the 200 Club is treated as a private lottery.

Please consider purchasing another share in the 200 Club, the application form and Standing Order form is attached. Once we have paid off the Hall’s Mortgage and other liabilities, we will be saving thousands of pounds in mortgage interest every year and the Board will be in a position to review the Lodge fees, so we will all benefit in the end.

Lets get these 23 shares sold by Christmas. #weylandhall #socialclub #signupthewifenow

In the meantime, we hope to see you all at the Sunday Lunch on 29th September at 12.30pm.

Kindest Regards

Ewan Gordon


Weyland Hall Social Club

07929 669358