Officers of the Lodge

The Lodge is governed by a number of Officers who have specific roles in the Lodge.

Once you have become a Mason you will probably be given a very small role so you can participate in what’s going on in the Lodge. After that as you progress you may take on more and a bigger role, and eventually once you have been in every position you would hopefully become the ‘Master of the Lodge’ The Master is if you like the Chairman of the Lodge and presides over all meetings. Once someone becomes the Master he is known as Worshipful Brother – rather than just Brother.

Freemasonry is ‘progressive’, so as you move on – you go further up the ladder, but you can do this at your own speed and at a pace comfortable to you.

The  Officers for 2022-2023 are:

Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother Alex Macdonald
Senior Warden Worshipful Brother Rory Gear
Junior Warden Brother Martin 
Chaplain Worshipful Brother Derek Knowlden
Treasurer & Charity Steward Worshipful Brother Mark
Secretary Worshipful Brother David
Assistant Secretary Vacant
Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Stephen
Almoner and Asst. DC Worshipful Brother Tom Byrne
Mentor Worshipful Brother David Wallis
Senior Deacon Worshipful Brother Robin Barter
Junior Deacon Brother Wayne Edwards
Organist Worshipful Brother Ian Elkington
Inner Guard Vacant
Steward Brother John Jarvis
Tyler Worshipful Brother David Wallis
Freemasons in Regalia at Grand Lodge
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